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We request all our prospective Guests to please read the following;

Local Community Announcements
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For the health and safety of both Tourists and the local community, the local organisations regularly post updates and directives to inform all concerned.
This also includes travel restrictions in the case of severe weather or health related situations.

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Daily Weather

Daily Puerto Galera Weather Forcast
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The following links are a for the best daily and extended weather forecasts

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Travel Advisory

Ferry Services
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The main transport to Puerto Galera from Batangas Port is via the Ferry Services.
It is suggested that the following Ferry Services be checked for availability and current schedule prior to starting your trip.

The alternative is the regular Ferry services that are running over to the Calapan.
The trip from Calapan to Puerto Galera is by road transport, either private vehicles or Jeepney. These services can be booked on line, at Batangas or at Calapan on arrival.

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VillaDePico Bulletin Board – Daily updates that guests need to be aware off

Corona Virus restrictions for all travellers to Puerto Galera shall be lifted as of  Wednesday 10th March 2021

All guests who book with VillaDePico will be issued with an official “QR” code. This “QR” code shall be required for presentation to the ferry services operators at Batangas Port.

Ferry Destination shall be Balatero Port, Puerto Galera.

Face masks and shields are still required while in general public areas.

VillaDePico Staff are ready to serve and welcome you back after this long and hard time for all.

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